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Industries we cover


Needing car transportation software or dent repair ERP with damage marking functionality? We've already done it. A multiplatform and scalable custom solution allows a big number of technicians to do their job faster, simpler, and more efficiently.

Betting and sports

Our team has a lot of experience with sport and betting portals. We have used best sports data providers to server data for our clients. The biggest challenge was to deliver sports results in real time.


After we've implemented e commerce website for the tenth time we decided to implement one which could handle most client requests and use it as a base for new projects. Now we have a solution which can handle most of our e commerce requests.

Custom ERP

ERP systems are by default custom done since running huge enterprise companies demands completely custom processes and ideas on how to do it. A custom ERP can make a big difference between two companies if done right.

Custom CRM

Most of the time CRM is done as custom solution since every institution has their own business secret on how to handle customers and reports. Every industry has its own parameters that need to be handled as well. This is why custom development is the best solution.

Snow depth sensor

The integration of snow depth sensor, bluetooth communication, data synchronization and presentation of data on mobile device. After scanning a snow area the user can check the snow depth map and use that info for artificial snow makers.

Internet Provider

Complete solutions for internet providers, handling wireless base stations, handling users and accounts. Automation of user notifications and disabling users is implemented as well as storage and bookkeeping module.

Sap Integration

Communication with SAP via REST or SAOP services is part of many of our projects as most of our clients had SAP installed bud needed to extend their features without paying huge SAP licences. We also did migrating data and a complete solution from SAP to Custom solution.


Bookkeeping solutions have been implemented many times as part of bigger ERP. We had solutions from minimum features for accounting to complete bookkeeping solutions.


Building systems on top of automated systems is something we have done more than once. The latest experience with tannery automation showed us how to handle large amounts of asynchronous server communication and still have responsive UI.

Food waste prevention

To stop food waste, first we needed to analyse leftovers. That is why we implemented scale trackers to provide a source of data to analyse. Extensive reports and notifications help big kitchens not to waste food.

Gps Tracking

We used GPS tracking devices as well as android and iOS devices to show your location, location of buses in city, locations of snow groomers on ski track etc. Geofencing, nearest parking etc, are just some of the features we implemented using GPS technology.